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List of current commands

Command Arguments Description Example
!commands None Shows a link to this page !commands
!ge Item to lookup Shows information about an item such as current price and today's change and a link to the item !ge armadyl godsword
!gu None Shows when the Oldschool Runescape Grand Exchange was last updated and how long the last update took !gu
!stats Runescape Name Shows the combat level and the stats for a player !stats zezima
!lvl Amount of experience or level Shows how much experience is needed for a level or what level the amount of experience is !lvl 99
!track Runescape Name Shows how much a user has gained !track zezima
!defname Your Runescape name Saves the name for your discord account so you do not have to enter it every time !defname zezima
!<skill> Runescape name Shows information about a skill such as level, experience and experience till next level !attack zezima
!alch Item name Shows the alch value of an item !alch rune dagger
!rswiki Search term Searches the rswiki and gives a link if the article was found !rswiki ags
!rsnews None Shows the latest osrs news !rsnews
!elo A region and a summoner name It will show ranked details about the specified user from the specigied region !elo euw zezima
!google Words to search Searches google and gives the top result !google runescape
!translate Language to translate from, language to translate to and the input text Translates text into the desired language !translate en>nl runescape
!youtube Video to search Searches youtube and gives the top result !youtube runescape
!dice None Rolls a dice and gives a result from 1 to 6 !dice
!fml None Shows a random FML quote from !fml
!joke None Shows a random joke quote from !joke
!fact None Shows a random fact from !fact
!calc An equation Shows the answer of an equation !calc 1k+10k
!8ball An question It will give an answer to your question from the magical 8ball !8ball should i play runescape?
!userinfo None Shows your Discord discriminator, id and your account creation date !userinfo